Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the AP authorities or steering group?

The "Arbitros de Padel" (AP) structure can be seen in next link.

What do I need to join AP?
To be part of AP, you must be umpire or referee of any Legal Asociation or Federation.

May I ask a regulatory consultation?

Any doubt about Regulations you can send a mail and we will answer you.

Do services and/or activities have any cost?

The Umpiring services do, as much in General Umpire as in Chair Umpire, you can make your question by mailing us. 

How can I get information about unpiring course?
You can send us an email and we will tell you when a course is available. You could see the same information in this page.

Is there any Umpiring course schedule?
There is not a planned schedule for courses by now

If I have any suggestion or claim, how do I make it?
Every suggestion is welcome, because is supporting our idea. Your suggestion as well as your claim, can be made by email.